Affiche Aravis et Compagnies

Personnage laclusaz

10th Aravis & Compagnie (Aravis & Company) festival

17 - 21 July 2017 in 4 resorts - La Clusaz, Grand-Bornand, St Jean de Sixt and Manigod

For 5 days the 4 villages turn into an unusual playground with 4 themes: ''cycle'' for La Clusaz, ''arts'' for Grand-Bornand, ''nature attitude'' for Manigod and ''air'' for Saint Jean de Sixt. Every day original and mountain sport activities are available for all ages linked around the themes. A special evening will be organized by one of the villages around its theme.

Activities are 10-12pm / 3-7pm:

Grand-Bornand: Magic (from 6 years) / Fresco (from 7 years) / Musical training (0-4 years) / Circus (from 4 years) / Music (from 4 years) / Vegetal paintings (4-7 years) / Crafts (from 5 years) / Wooden games / Reading corner in the library / Evening shows.

Manigod: Giant building workshops with the Kapla game / Creation of an organic lipstick / Nordic walking / Treasure hunting / Vegetal sculpture / Bar and snacks of yesteryear / Reading and tales / Edelweiss / Guided walk With 2 donkeys / Zip lines / Relaxation areas.

La Clusaz: Mountain bike discovery course supervised by instructors / Draisienne initiation for small children supervised by instructors / Carousel with parental propulsion / eMTB outings.

Saint Jean de Sixt: Wind Garden / Flying objects workshop / 2 kite demonstrations (in the evening) / Trampo jump / Scientific workshops / Giant bubble workshop.

In the evening, the festival continues

  • Wednesday 19 July La Clusaz - Evening show La Folle Allure